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We Love Kids!
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him - Psalms 127:3

At SPA, we have lots of room and lots of time for children!  Just as Jesus welcomed them, we welcome them to be a part of what God is doing in our congregation. 

We are constantly keeping up to date with Alberta Government Guidelines for COVID. 

Room Information Ministry COVID FAQs

Room Information

Updated June 6, 2022



Sundays, 11:00 am

Nursery                 Ages 0-2 (35 months), Second Floor

Pre-School           Ages 3-K Rooms 201-204, Second Floor

Elementary          Grades 1 - 6, OverFlow Zone, Main Floor


NOTE: All Wednesday night Ministries to children have concluded for the summer break...we'll be back in September!

Wednesdays, 6:45-8:00 pm - 

Pre-School          Ages 2-K, Rooms 201-204, Second Floor

Elementary         Grades 1-6, OverFlow Zone, Main Floor

Note: Children may be checked in 15 minutes before each session.

Ministry COVID FAQs

We know as parents, you may have some questions about how we are handling our ministry times under current AB restrictions.  Here are some general frequently asked questions we hope will be helpful!


Q: How do I sign my child/children in and out?  

A: Upon arrival at SPA, Nursery and Pre-School children and parents may proceed to the Second Floor, where they will find the Check-in station immediately to the left.  IPads will be available, as well as someone to assist you in signing in your child, and a nametag will be printed at that time.  From there, a team member will take your child to their classroom.  To check out, return to the Check-in station where a team member will bring your child to you. Elementary children and parents will go through the same procedure in the Chapel, located on the main floor, directly to the left of the North entrance.

NOTE: If you have children of various age levels, all children may be checked in at the Second Floor station.


Q: Does my child need to wear a mask?  

A: At this time, masks are not required, however, children wearing masks are just as welcome as those without!


Q: Do children receive snacks?  

A: Nursery and Pre-School classes have a snack around the mid-way point of the session.  We give them pre-packaged items such as Goldfish crackers, Fruit Gummies, etc. (Suggestions welcomed!)  We do not use water fountains, but ask that parents bring a well-labeled, filled water bottle with them.  These will be lined up on a counter for use during snack time, or any time a child requires a drink. Our Children’s Ministries Department is a Nut-Aware Zone.


Q: What about sanitization?  

A: All surfaces are disinfected before and after each session.  As well, Nursery and Pre-School teams have one member assigned to disinfect any surface or item that is touched during the session.  Small toys are not in use at this time. Each Pre-School child will have their own zip-lock baggie with a few crayons that will be labeled and wiped down after each use.   Staff and children use are to use hand sanitizer as they enter and leave a room.


Q: What if a child or team member is exhibiting any contagious symptoms?  

A: We have a zero-tolerance policy for any child or adult who may have signs of illness.  Should a child start to show signs of an illness while under our care, a parent will be paged immediately to come and pick them up.