God created us to live in authentic relationship with others as part of our design, but meaningful relationships can sometimes be hard to find.

That is why our church is keen on helping people connect with one another in Life Groups. Life Groups provide a context for people to find community in a way that is as relevant and accessible as possible.  

It doesn’t have to look the same – some groups may meet primarily over a Bible study. Other groups might meet just to hang out and chat. Another group may get together over a common interest or goal, such as playing a sport, or serving the city in some way. The connecting point could be anything, really – so long as it helps people grow together in meaningful relationships with each other and with God. 

To join a Life Group at SPA, simply click the link below and fill out our web form, and one of our pastors will get in touch with you shortly. You can also see the different times and dates available for Life Groups, or email a Life Group leader directly, by clicking on the adjacent tabs to the left.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is childcare provided?

Not all Life Groups at SPA provide childcare, but there are options available. Some groups choose to meet on Wednesday evenings at the church, where childcare is available. Other groups may choose to meet in homes where participants will share the responsibility of watching the children, have the kids play or watch a movie in another room, split the cost for a babysitter, or make other arrangements.

What do Life Groups do?

Life Groups meet for a variety of reasons, though the core focus is the same: to grow closer to God and to others. Each Life Group is led by an approved leader from the church and each group's focus may differ depending on the needs and wishes of the group. Groups may meet to study the Bible, pray, eat together, serve the city in some way, for example, or to use a variety of these elements when they gather.

How often do Life Groups meet?

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week for two main semesters each year (Fall and Winter/Spring). Most groups choose to meet weekly for an evening, while other groups may choose to meet bi-weekly or monthly. To see the different meeting times and locations for groups, check out the adjacent tabs to the left, or click the sign up button above to explore Life Group opportunities at SPA.

What happens during the summer months?

Some Life Groups will choose to break for the summer, while others will decide to continue meeting. Other groups may get together intermittantly for a BBQ or for a summer get-together. If you would like to connect to a Life Group in the summer, simply let us know by clicking the signup button above.